Lemon Balm Lip Cream, .25 oz


Hydrates and heals lips naturally. Made with a soft, creamy texture for relief of sore lips including those with cold sores.

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All natural Lemon Balm Lip Cream is made with a soft, creamy texture for relief of sore lips. Great for on the go.

Lemon Balm Lip Cream was specially formulated for cold sores, but this replenishing herbal lip balm will soothe, moisturize and protect all dry, or chapped lips. Give your cracked, chapped or sore lips the natural healing they deserve. This pure natural lip balm is a blend of healing, organic herbs which are processed by hand in almond and sesame oils to absorb their healing properties.

Lemon Balm Lip Relief is rich in natural vitamins and minerals to nourish and heal your lips. Beeswax and cocoa butter hydrate as well as heal. Made with 100% pure, natural ingredients.


For external use only. Apply to lips as needed.


Lemon balm, calendula, chamomile, echinacea, beeswax, almond oil, sesame oil, cocoa butter, clove & lemon essential oils.


Lemon balm should be avoided by those on thyroid medication as it is believed that the herb inhibits the absorption of this medicine. Use our Lemon Balm Free formula instead. Discontinue use if rash occurs. Do not ingest. Use with adult supervision. Will stain fabrics. Avoid during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Do not use if allergic or sensitive to ingredients.